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Sep. 18th, 2009 | 02:02 am
posted by: wecaughtonfire in h0pl3sromantics

Still hoping some other hopeless romantic will come along and join me..
I've been slipping, lately. I've become borderline ED, and it's scared him absolutely shitless. Today, he sat me down in the car and I looked into his pleading blue eyes as he raised his voice and pleaded with me...
You don't get it. One second you're there, and the next, you're gone. And you'll see it coming! You'll watch your hair fall out and your body degenerate and your immune system fail and then you'll be dead. And I can't live without you!
Period. So straightforward and absolutely honest.
No one I have ever met has had a love as incredibly strong as ours is. And they just have no idea what they are missing. 

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